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Our Cattery Adoptions Service

Our cattery specializes in selling mainly  Siberian and Siberian Neva Masquerade kittens and cats. All our kittens are purebreds. For in-person visits and adoptions, we do not require you to make a deposit in advance if the kitten is available. For any other case or future litters, we use a non-refundable 400 $ CAD reservation deposit. The deposit is deducted from the final price.

Kittens are ready to leave their home at the age of 12-15 weeks

Siberian cats and kittens may go anywhere between 800 CAD $ up to 3000 CAD $.

The majority of the adoptions are on a spay/neuter agreement to allow the re-homing of kittens faster so that they may grow up in a new household sooner without having the need to sterilize them prematurely. 

Kittens are sold microchipped, vaccines administered and dewormed

You can come to visit the kitten anytime before the purchase to test for allergies by spending some time with him/her. We are extremely happy to receive you at any time of the day to showcase our proudest cats and kittens.

Kittens and cats can come with a WCF/CCA pedigree upon request but only according to the spay/neuter agreement to prevent irresponsible and uncontrolled breeding once the pet leaves our cattery. 

In case of an urgent need for sheltering a re-homed Siberian Touch Kittens after purchase by the buyer, Siberian Touch may agree to hold the kitten for a fee of 150 CAD $ per week for a limited period of 1 month.

We will do everything in our capabilities to help you with the kitten, this includes a sample of his litter and food to ensure a smooth nutritional transition. As well as tips and help when it comes to any inquiry related to the kitten.

Our Kittens are extremely healthy but we do offer a 12-month guarantee on any congenital or genetic defaults that causes the death of the cat within that time frame, provided the cat was brought to the vet 14 days after the purchase

All sales are conducted through an agreement to ensure the safety and good life continuation of every kitten that goes through us :D

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