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Siberian Touch Available Adoptions

Those are all our currently available cats for re-homing. All our cats are purebred Siberians with completed veterinarian inspections, vaccinations, and deworming.


The information in each cell follows the following order: Name/Breed/Color/Gender/Availability You can select See kittens in each cell to learn more about the specific cat/litter or get in touch in case you are interested in adopting one of them. Cats and kittens with the abbreviation GICH, ICH, CH and etc. are showroom champions.*Siberian Neva Masquerade cats are the same as Siberian Pointed cats*

Date of Birth: 21 January 2023

- Bartos Siberian Touch Male              - 
- Bartholomew Siberian Touch Male
- Bart Siberian Touch Male                  - 
- Bella Siberian Touch Female            - 

Father: Patrick Nevsky Modern
Mother: Marlin Nevsky Modern


collage 2.jpg

Litter B

Litter C

Date of Birth: 21 January 2023

- Cronus Siberian Touch Male            - 
- Cole Siberian Touch Male                 - 
- Cletus Siberian Touch Male              - 
- CassandraSiberian Touch Female - 

Father: Patrick Nevsky Modern
  Mother: Madlen Nevsky Modern


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