Siberian Neva masquerade - MALE - SEAL TABBY POINT

NAME: Beau (formerly Oprheus)

Birthdate: 24 April 2021

Litter ID: 001 Canada

Mother: Yuliana Nevskiy Modern

Father: Altay Nevksiy Modern

Pedigree: WCF & CCA

Status: Re-Homed

Location: Canada

Owners feedback: 

We welcomed Beau into our family just about a month ago and we couldn't be happier. He is sweet, playful, confident and a beautiful kitten. When we brought him home, he was trusting, had a gentle demeanor and felt right at home from the start - a testiment to how Georgy cared for him. Beau is great with everyone he meets, including little children. He is completley litter trained and uses his scratch posts. He loves belly rubs while relaxing or sleeping on his back completely streched out. Before picking Beau up, Georgy was happy and eager to answer any questions we had and offered all the information we needed. His support has continued and ongoing communication shows his love for the kittens he raises. His honesty and transparency is refreshing and I would recommend his kittens to anyone looking for a siberian cat."

-  the Veilleux Family

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