You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How can i buy a kitten ?

To buy a kitten you can proceed to the Cattery section on our website. There you can find a kitten that is available for reservation and contact us with the hypelink in the kittens description. We will contact you and figure out the modalities of the sale, setup and delivery method and assist you in any questions you might have. If you are interested in proceeding with the kitten you will first have to sign a contract and reserve the kitten for 50% of its price. The kitten will be shipped by us, tracking will be available. Once the kitten has arrived to your new home, you will give us the other 50% of the kittens price and we will hand you the paper work. Congratulations !

How does the shipping work ?

The shipping is at the buyers expense. In the majority of the cases we will personnally take care of bringing your new furry friend to your home. We ship interantionally across North America and Europe. We currently have two breeding centers in Moscow and Montreal, Because of that the shipping will differ depending on the kitten you are interested in. From Montreal, shipping across North America will vary between 300 - 800 $ CAD. Shipping across the province of Quebec will vary between 0 - 100 $ CAD. Shipping to Europe 1200-1600 $ CAD. From Moscow, shipping across North America will be around 1200 - 1600$ CAD. Shipping across europe 800 - 1000 $ CAD. Shipping around Moscow 0 $ CAD. This accounts for the transportation and accomodation of the traveller with the kitten. All shipping will have tracking of different stages. NONE OF THOSE PRICES ARE DEFINITIVE AND ARE CONSTANTLY SUBJECTED TO CHANGE ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

Are there any requirements to buy a kitten ?

We only require proof that the household in which the pet will live is well equiped to assure a healthy and comfortable life for the animal. This includes proper living area, food trays and etc. We wish to work with you to make sure that the animal will have a fruitful continuation in the new household.